What is Show Cloud®?

Show Cloud® is a SAAS business based in the UK, built to give people an easier, smarter and more useful alternative to the file sharing methods of the past. With four years of  pioneering development, Show Clouds world-class tech reimagines international brand and customer management.

Our People

Show Clouds head office is in London, but our team works across offices in Southampton and Delhi – and it’s growing every month!

From the engineers who craft it and the security experts who protect it to the customer success team who support it, our platform brings an incredibly diverse mix of people together to  build a better workplace for everyone.

Mobirise Mobirise
Mobirise Mobirise

Who owns
Show Cloud®?

Show Cloud® is an independent, privately-owned company based in the UK, and is not part of any other business. It is 100% owned by Chris Jones and Ian de Kretser. Our Software has been 100% built in-house (no-acquisitions), with 40% of operating expenses re-invested into platform development. 

With the Show Cloud® your key brand information is live 24/7 and accessible in each of your customers bespoke “online personal" showrooms

Contact Info

1 Beauchamp Court

Barnet, Herts EN5 5TZ


+44 1489 874 358

Show Cloud® helps Sellers to sell, Buyers to buy and Brand Managers to manage brands.

Chris Jones 'Co-founder'

Why choose Show Cloud®?

Certainty. You have peace of mind knowing that every one of your customers has all your latest information at their fingertips at any time.