Show Cloud®

Your virtual showroom
for a changing world.

With Show Cloud® your key brand information is live 24/7 and accessible in a personalised showroom for every one of your customers.



Changing how you work for good
Show Cloud® is an online platform for managing and sharing key brand information with your customers

Keep your
international business running securely while working away from the office

Show Cloud® combines brand information, customers, and video messaging in one place so distributed teams and customers can work together seamlessly.

Disruptive Innovation

Times are changing. When you break new ground, others notice. Escape normal business conventions with a virtual showroom for your brands and help manage business challenges now, as well as plan for new opportunities to come. 


Show your brands online

Organise your brand information, manage international customers or launch new product. As long as you’re with Show Cloud®, you can set-up a product or brand from your home / office in less than five minutes

Personalised for every customer

You’ll manage exactly what your customers see. A simple toggle controls whether a customer can see a brand, product or file.

24 / 7 Certainty

With Show Cloud® you will become a 24/7 operation, so your customers can engage with your brands or products whenever they are awake and can reach out as soon as they need a hand.

View Customer Activity

Customer Insights gives you a breakdown of your customer behaviour so you can plan your sales conversations  better and understand exactly where your time is best spent.

Trade Fairs cancelled or disrupted?

Take a stand...with your own Show Cloud Virtual Showroom.


Chris Jones


Grow & Thrive

Remove the complexities of international business and better position your brand to scale without increasing headcount or travel expenses.

Business Continuity

Got a good thing going internationally? If you’ve got customers overseas, you can continue to show products and brands in a virtual personalised showroom.

Virtual Working

No fuss, no travel, no delays; the smartest way to manage your international business from your tablet or desktop.

Reduce Travelling

We think international business should not require as much international travel as it does – so that’s exactly why we have developed Show Cloud®.

Specialist sectors

We have worked diligently to expand our reach globally, so that even more companies can benefit from our software. We believe that all businesses that need to connect their brands with customers can benefit from a comprehensive and effective virtual showroom.
















(As seen on TV)

Safeguard your business

24/7 Access to all latest brand information

Easily navigable Sales, Marketing and Technical categories

Customers self-serve the information they want

Easy to share links to files directly from Show Cloud®

All colleagues see the same information


Accelerate Performance

Drag and drop loading of new information 

Assign / deny access to customers on a brand by brand basis

Quick and simple to add new customers

Archive feature for retired brands


Exceptional Customer Experiences

Known for its user-friendly interface, innovative functionality, best-in-class customer service,  Show Cloud® is the leading Virtual Showroom Platform.

Features DROP BOX
[File transfer]
[File Sharing]
[Virtual Showroom]
Upload files
Download files
Customer Insight
Virtual Showroom
Brand Management Tools
Trade Fair 'Follow-ups'
Sales Indicator Alerts
Send Marketing Promotions
Notify Customers of File Updates
You Tube / Vimeo Streaming
Close deals faster with Analytics and Reporting
Online Appointment Booking [NEW]
Customer Video Messaging [NEW]

Business Efficiences 

- Quick and simple to add new customers
- Easy to maintain your customer database
- Assign / deny access to customers on a brand by brand basis
- Drag and drop loading of new information
- Total visibility and history of customer activity
- Fast, tracked Trade Fair follow up
- Promote new brands / initiatives
- Archive feature for retired brands


Perfect Partners

Show Cloud® allows you to showcase your brands remotely, anywhere and anytime. With Show Cloud you can seamlessly present alongside your virtual meetings, showcasing compelling videos together with your brand content, all in one place as if you are sitting in the same room. 


Connect your brands with your customers

..and save more time that you could imagine!

"With Show Cloud® you can spend your time selling and building brands rather than doing admin! With our instant Trade Fair “Follow Up” and “Promote” sales tools you can save months of your time. Spending time chasing customers will be heavily reduced as all customer interactions are tracked - you see who is looking / downloading what and when. And lastly the customer “Dashboard” gives you a live snapshot of the health of your international business - every day!"


Ian de Kretser



Trusted by many...

Enjoyed and loved by leading enterprises and smaller businesses alike.

International Reach

Customers worldwide trust us to manage their Brand Assets. Show Cloud® is truly global and simplifies how you connect with your customers.


Users around the world



Mobirise Mobirise

Our Leadership Team

The Show Cloud® management team are individuals with a wide range of backgrounds and experience.

Common Questions and Answers

Show Cloud® is built in the .NET Framework which is Microsoft's principal platform for enterprise development. ASP.NET is a unified Web development model supplied by Microsoft that includes the services required to build enterprise-class Web applications such as the Show Cloud.

ASP.NET provides the Show Cloud with advanced security infrastructure for authenticating and authorizing user access. 

Every Show Cloud has 256-bit SSL encryption. When entering customer details, you are protected instantly with an SSL certificate as the data is encrypted to prevent any other parties getting access. 

There are 3 simple steps:
1. Book a demo and we will walk you through the features and functionality
2. Receive expert advice from one of our consultants who will answer any questions you may have
3. We will provide you with personalised pricing, based on the number of users that you will need

Not long at all. Each Show Cloud® typically takes 5-7 days to install and customise for each client.

Get in touch..

In just a few clicks invite your customers into your virtual showroom. The platform will be at the heart of your international business, reducing travel, increasing profitability and saving valuable time.

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With the Show Cloud® your key brand information is live 24/7 and accessible in each of your customers bespoke “online" personal showrooms

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1 Beauchamp Court

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+44 1489 874 358

Show Cloud® helps sellers to sell, Buyers to buy and Brand Managers to manage brands.

Chris Jones 'Co-founder'

Why choose Show Cloud®?

Certainty. You have peace of mind knowing that every one of your customers has all your latest information at their fingertips at any time.