• What is the Show Cloud

    The Show Cloud is a online platform for managing and sharing key brand information with your customers.
    - You upload key information once and share it many times.
    - You assign your customers access on a brand-by-brand basis. They can only see the information you want them to see.
    Above all, the Show Cloud is a Sales Tool. It helps Sellers to sell, Buyers to buy and Brand Managers to manage brands.
    Why is the Show Cloud special?

    With the Show Cloud your key brand information is live 24/7 and accessible in each of your customers bespoke “online personal showrooms”.
    1. You have peace of mind knowing that every one of your customers has all your latest information at their fingertips at any time.
    2. If your information is up to date then your customer is always up to date.
    3. Everyone works from the same, centralised information

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